Holiday Courses and Leisure-time Activities

Life Science Learning Lab – Summer Academy

The Life Science Learning Lab not only offers "Researcher Holidays" (see below) for kids and intensive lab courses in molecular biology and biotechnology that provides optimal preparation for career and university studies, but also a "Summer Academy" for talented young people:

Summer Academy – International Science Camp
The four-day Summer Academy is aimed at young people aged 14 - 17 years, who are interested in science and who have demonstrated high achievements in science competitions (selective procedure). The focus is on learning about life science lab methods, excursions to research facilities and habitat explorations. The Summer Academy takes place once a year in the summer months on Campus Berlin-Buch and is supported by the VBIO — German Life Sciences Association. Twenty-five young people from Germany and Italy took part in the Summer Academy in 2010.

Researcher Holidays

For inquisitive 6 to 16 year olds the Research Garden offers an exciting program during the school holidays, both in the lab and on the premises of Campus Berlin-Buch. The different experimental courses are geared to the age of the children and deal with topics from optics, the environment, health, new sources of energy or genetics. The young participants can play detective, produce a genetic fingerprint, detect vitamins in food, produce cheese, learn a lot about secret codes and encrypted messages, build fuel cells or mini sewage treatment plants.

Besides the joy of discovering scientific phenomena, the Researcher Holidays offer creative games and sports that are appropriate to the season such as scavenger hunts, crafts, dancing and baking bread on a stick over the campfire.
The Researcher Holidays can be booked for a half day or a full day (4 or 7 hours).

Buch Holiday Games and Summer Camp

In 2010, for the third time, the Berlin-Buch network for children and youth organized the Buch Holiday Games and a summer camp on the premises of Los Amigos and in the Youth Sport Club in Buch.
The following organizations actively support these summer activities: Gangway, SJC, Los Amigos e.V., the leisure activities centers “Der Alte” and “Würfel”. Due to the support of sponsors such as HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH and DJO Regenbogen, the activities are free of charge for the participants.

Researcher Birthdays

On weekends, an authentic research laboratory can be rented for two hours so that children and their parents can carry out experiments independently. Professional support by "real" scientists is guaranteed. For children aged 10 to 14 years the course “The Three ??? in the Lab” can be booked.
The Research Garden also comes to your home and brings fun science experiments for children.