Oberhavel Farmers' Market

The Oberhavel Farmers' Market has something for every member of the family, particularly at the weekend. Here you can buy fresh rural produce directly from its source and also enjoy a day full of pleasant experiences. Whether you want to go round the stalls, visit the little zoo, enjoy a barbecue, listen to live music of try the children's roundabout - there is something for everyone. You can get there from Karow by the RB 27 regional train which runs hourly at the weekend, and the station is directly in front of the market area.

Oberhavel Farmers' Market
16515 Schmachtenhagen, Zehlendorfer Chausee 10



One of the most idyllic, clearest and cleanest lake in the Brandenburg area, Liepnitzsee it is situated in a rolling landscape, a favorite bathing place for Berliners.

Its wonderfully clear water and its "Grosser Werder" island give it a unique quality. At hourly intervals, a ferry takes bathers back and forth to the island. There are a number of beaches on the island as well as a small camping site. You can also walk and cycle around the lake. It can be reached by car via the B109 to Wandlitz, right at the roundabout in the direction of the A11 autobahn, or via Lanke.


Wandlitz Forest Settlement

Between 1958 and 1961 the government of the GDR built a very private secure housing complex. This was where Ulbricht, Honnecker and Co. were able to relax in the knowledge that they were safe from prying eyes. Today, it is the site of a rehabilitation clinic. A three-minute journey by electric car through the grounds gives one an impression how the politburo officials lived. It is recommended that you make a reservation in advance.

It can be reached by car from Buch via the B109 to Wandlitz, turning right at the roundabout in the direction of the A11 autobahn.

Forest Settlement
Brandenburgallee 1, 16321 Bernau Forest Settlement


Boat Lift Niederfinow

The boat lift was built during the period 1927 to 1934 and it is still a technological wonder. In only five minutes the 4,300 ton tub carrying the boat overcomes a height difference of 36 meters. Including the maneuvers involving getting the vessel in and out, a single boat requires about 20 minutes to pass through. A trip through the boat lift is always a special attraction.

Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow
Hebewerkstrasse, 16248 Niederfinow


Schorfheide Game Park

Located in Schorfheide, the largest continuous forest area in middle Europe, is the Schorfheide game park. In the generously laid out reserve you can see wild animals like elks, bison and wolves as well as rare originally domestic animal species that are under threat. The large play area and the enclosure where animals can be stroked make the Schorfheide Game Park particularly attractive to families.
It can be reached by car via the B109 as far as Gross Schoenebeck, entrance 400 m after the exit sign. Via the local RB27 line from Karow to Gross Schoenebeck, 30 min on foot to the park.

Wildpark Schorfheide
Prenzlauer Strasse 16, 16348 Groß Schönebeck