Evangelische Schule Buch
Haus 27 im Ludwig-Hoffmann-Quartier

Wiltbergstraße 90, 13125 Berlin
Phone:030 - 319 58 200
Profile:The Evangelische Grundschule Berlin-Buch, an elementary school affiliated with the Protestant Church, had been opened at the beginning of the school year 2013/2014. It offers two parallel classes per grade level up to and including the sixth grade. The school is open to all children – irrespective of their religion/denomination or their cultural or social background. The concept of the Evangelische Grundschule Berlin-Buch includes reformist educational elements and alongside its Protestant profile is distinguished by its focus on science – in close cooperation with educational and research institutions in Buch. The school is run by the School Foundation of the Evangelical Church of Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Oberlausitz (EKBO),

Grundschule Am Sandhaus

Grundschule am Sandhaus

Contact: Andreas W. Grimm

Wiltbergstraße 37 - 39, 13125 Berlin
Phone:030 - 9490046
Profile:The elementary school Am Sandhaus is an all-day school. It also includes a preschool and offers English as first foreign language.
The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities: Computer, Ceramics, Aquarium, Dance, Creative Design, Chess, Recorder Playing, Ecological School Garden.
The elementary school Am Sandhaus is the only school in Berlin which cares for its own forest. There is a toilet for the disabled for wheelchair users.
Link to the Friends’ Association of the Elementary School Am Sandhaus e.V.:
Frau Wardinski, E-Mail:



Contact: Frau Gregor

Walter-Friedrich-Str. 18, 13125 Berlin
Phone:030 - 948 00610
Profile:The Hufeland School is a full-day integrated secondary school. It offers all school diplomas including the Abitur (in cooperation with upper secondary centers and schools that have their own upper secondary level). The Hufeland School lays emphasis on supporting each individual student in the best possible way and therefore offers elective classes, profile classes and remedial courses from seventh grade on. The school’s focus is on the fields of science and health. Foreign language instruction is offered in English, French and Russian.
The school is characterized by activities such as school projects, working groups, a variety of leisure activities, school festivals, classes and group trips. It has Comenius partner schools in Spain and Sweden. In the region the school cooperates with companies and institutions located in Buch such as the Life Science Learning Lab, which offers extracurricular courses for school students.
The dual learning program offers early career orientation for the students. It includes practice days, internships, projects in senior high school (sixth form) centers, visits to companies and institutions, classes in school workshops as well as guidance and monitoring for the transition to vocational training or higher education.
The school also offers the following: productive learning, school career guidance for students and parents, job application training, AOK employment tests, visits to vocational training fairs, visits to open house days, career information centers, etc. and a project “Succeeding in the transition together” in cooperation with Arbeit und Bildung e.V., FVAJ e.V. and the Pankow employment agency, school enterprise, student conflict mediators. Youth-related social work and mediation comprise an important part of school life.

Marianne-Buggenhagen-Schule für Körperbehinderte Berlin-Buch
Überregionales sonderpädagogisches Förderzentrum

Contact: Frau Seele

Ernst-Busch-Str. 27-29, 13125 Berlin
Phone:030 - 948788-0
Profile:Multiregional special education support center
The Marianne Buggenhagen School for the Physically Disabled Berlin-Buch is an all-day school for severely physically disabled children and adolescents aged 6 to 20 years. The school has a total of 19 classes, with six to a maximum of ten children or adolescents in each class. The school provides external teaching for children who are in the hospital or for children in their own local schools (for the district extending to Eberswalde).

Montessori-Gemeinschaftsschule Berlin-Buch
im Ludwig-Hoffmann-Quartier

Contact: Viviane van der Wall

Wiltbergstraße 90, Haus 23, 13125 Berlin
Phone:030 – 911 464 900
Profile:The Montessori Community School is an accredited alternative school with open, whole-day classes for grades 1 – 10; the 11th and 12th grades (Abitur, A levels) are in planning. The school opened on August 1, 2012 with a 1st and a 7th grade and adds the next higher grade each year, so that in the future two grades can be taught together. The focus of instruction is on cross-thematic learning, free work with Montessori materials and project-oriented work. In middle and high school, instruction is also interdisciplinary and practice oriented. For example, English is spoken and taught in the studio, French in the kitchen /theater or in the green classroom. Furthermore, 7th and 8th grade students are educated according to the “land children” model created by Maria Montessori in our Jugendschule (middle and high school) and Demokratiebildungsstätte (democracy education center) in Jamlitz.

Robert-Havemann-Schule (Gymnasium)
Gesamtschule mit gymnasialer Oberstufe

Contact: Thomas Josiger

Achillesstraße 79, 13125 Berlin
Phone:030 - 94878511
Profile:Comprehensive school with upper secondary school
The Robert Havemann School is a secondary school with a focus on science. The school’s program includes cooperation with scientific institutions, interdisciplinary instruction with an emphasis on experimental learning and Science Days. The following foreign languages are taught: English, French, Spanish, Russian and Latin. In addition, art and music workshops are offered, as well as project work, regular student exchanges, social and political activities and guidance counseling.