molecular diagnostics

Through detailed molecular diagnosis, subgroups of diseases can be defined and targeted treatments can be developed. For example, it is thus possible to treat patients with cancer or autoimmune diseases with very specific acting therapeutic antibodies.
The company BioTeZ Berlin-Buch GmbH has developed a monitoring system with which for the first time physicians can determine during treatment what effect the drug has on the individual patient and what dosage he/she still needs. Thus, the treatment can be optimized for the individual patient, which may in the end also be much more cost effective.

STRATEC Molecular GmbH offers customized solutions for the manual and automatic preparation of samples for molecular biological diagnostic methods, such as DNA and RNA analysis. Nucleic acid isolation and purification are offered by AJ Innuscreen GmbH. The company’s portfolio also includes molecular biological reagent systems as well as technologies and products for molecular diagnostics.

Molecular diagnostics also have applications in food technology: The company aokin AG is specialized in rapid precision analysis of toxins: With the aokin system, mold in grain shipments can be identified within minutes. Congen Biotechnologie GmbH develops and produces PCR-based detection methods for agricultural and food analysis. This makes it possible to identify genetically modified plants, allergens or pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

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I.M.S.M. Institut für Molekular- und Systemmedizin GmbH